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Kristusova zavest - mreža enosti (cca. 20 cm)

Kristusova zavesta ali zavest enosti je mreža, ki obdaja naš planet in nam omogoča prehod na naslednjo stopnjo zavesti. Je ključ do akaških zapisov planeta Zemlje.

Prispevek: 399 EUR + poštnina
Dobava: 1-3 dni

Kristusova zavesta ali zavest enosti je mreža, ki obdaja naš planet in nam omogoča prehod na naslednjo stopnjo zavesti. Je ključ do akaških zapisov planeta Zemlje.

Material: baker, pozlačen

Zaenkrat le angleški opis:

Christ Consciousness is a geometry being present around the Earth since the beginning of mankind. It is one of the 5 levels of consciousness that human DNA can achieve. It is one level above our current one, consisting of 46+2 Chromosomes of DNA. It has „fallen“ down at the collapse of Atlantis 13.000 years ago, and it came back to life in the year 1989. This shape is a Stellated Dodecahedron (SPIRIT/PRANA), But it’s energies also combine both the Dodecahedron and Icosahedron. A powerful instrument of the Unconditional Love Frequency. The Stellated Dodecahedron, or the Christ Grid, holds the template of all the preceding templates expressed as geometric forms. It is an expression and model of integrated completion and coherent unity of all the foundational templates. The Christ Grid stimulates us to evolve into conscious awareness with our open heart and with high levels of impeccability and integrity. The Christ Grid also helps us integrate and harmonize a true group unity. The Christ Grid is a unified collective consciousness. 

The Unity Grid or Christ Consciousness is a combination of 2 platonic solid shapes which form a stellated dodecahedron - the dodecahedron (12 five sided facets) and the icosahedrons (20 triangles). These shapes are two out of five shapes known as the Platonic Solids or the Perfect Bodies. Platonic Solids are the only existing shapes whose vertices perfectly match the inside surface of a sphere. These shapes were considered holy by many cultures. The structure of the Christ Consciousness creates the third level consciousness grid of the human race, which is an electro-magnetic field that surrounds planet Earth and unites the human consciousness.

The Unity Consciousness Grid exists around the planet about 100km (60 miles) from the surface of the earth out into the atmosphere. This grid also exists around every living being. There are millions of these grids and they appear from space as a glow of light around the earth. Every single species of every living thing, even if it is a bug, has or "must have" a grid of energy that surrounds the earth in order for it to exist.

The existence of the grid was re-discovered in the 1950's.
A group of scientists were investigating a group of monkeys (Macaca Fuscata) in one of the islands of Japan. The Japanese macaque has been and continues to be a popular species for the study of primate behavior. Since the 1940's and 1950's, there has been much interest in the ecology and social behavior of these monkeys. One reason for this is that researchers have not only been able to study Japanese macaques in their natural habitat, but they have also been able to lure the macaques out into the open with food. Provisioning of Japanese macaques with food has led to special developments and fascinating observation of their "culture." One famous example of this is potato washing in a troop of Japanese macaques in Koshima, Japan.
When researchers provisioned a troop of Japanese macaques by putting sweet potatoes along the beach to bring them out into the open, one macaque named Imo by the researchers began to wash the sand off of her sweet potatoes in the water instead of brushing it off with her hand as other macaques did.
Over time, this behavior spread to other members of the troop and was passed on from generation to generation. Interestingly, this potato washing behavior became even more modified as Japanese macaques began washing their sweet potatoes in salt water rather than fresh water, apparently to enhance its flavor.
In the original reports, there was no mention of the group passing a critical threshold that resulted in the idea being imparted to the entire troop. The older monkeys remained steadfastly ignorant of the new behavior. Likewise, there was no mention of widespread sweet potato washing in other monkey troops. There was mention of occasional sweet potato washing by individual monkeys in other troops, but there are other simpler explanations for such occurrences -- if there was an Imo in one troop, there could be Imo-like monkeys in other troops.

The Grid is the Akashic library of this planet. It allows access to any information about everything that ever took place upon earth.


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